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On camera

On camera post image

A beautiful picture made by Theo van Mourik during our concert in Heerlen last Tuesday.

Picture of logo of radio 6

You now have the opportunity to stream World Of Thought in its entirety. For a limited time only, the new album will be available for listening online, for free, at Radio 6. If you like what you hear, then be sure to support us by picking up your copy!

All About Jazz Logo

The leading U.S. jazz e-magazine All About Jazz published a stunning review – written by John Kelman – of World Of Thought. Read it here and download the title track of the new album for free (for a limited time only).

I’m very proud that in the last few weeks World Of Thought has been receiving amazing reviews. The Dutch and international press is unanimously praising the new album and I am really thankful for it. Amongst many others, Dutch national newspapers Trouw, Parool and Volkskrant published excellent reviews. Frank Huser from Jazzflits gave a very detailed review on my playing, read that one out here. For a complete list of reviews visit the press page on this site.