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A Million Ways Of Thinking by marzioscholten

Here’s a live recording of another unreleased track. It was recorded at a concert in Jazzpodium DJS in Dordrecht (Netherlands) during our ‘World Of Thought’ release tour. Hope you like it. Share it, download it and spread the word! Oh, and please show support by visiting our concerts and buying and/or downloading my albums!

Dutch music blog Draaiomjeoren published a fantastic review of my latest album World Of Thought last week. Beautifully written and very flattering! Read the review here or download it here. (In Dutch only, sorry, but you can ‘Google Translate‘ it if you want…)

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Here’s a heads up on some cool stuff coming up in this coming period. On February 6th the Marzio Scholten Quartet will be playing at P60 in Amstelveen. On February 26th the great Dutch saxophone player Benjamin Herman and I are teaming for an exclusive concert at the ‘Special In A Cabin With Houseparty‘. Very excited about this!! Other bands will be playing as well. In March we’ll be heading to Spain with the Marzio Scholten Quartet for a four-day tour. We’ll be playing in Gijon, Bilbao and Gerona. Really looking forward to that one. So there’s lots of great stuff coming up this year and heading your way; lots of music, ideas and concerts. For a complete list check the tour page. Stay tuned for more info and check the site regularly for updates. Have a great year!

2010 has been a great year for me; I married my beautiful wife, my new album came out (which is getting awesome reviews), I’ve played with so many fantastic and inspiring musicians, we had a great album release tour and so much more. I’d like to thank all of you – friends, fans and colleagues – that made this year so special for me. I’m really inspired to make more music and can’t wait for the new year to start! Here’s a live track of a new composition called ‘Voids, Echoes and Whispers’. It was recorded during the World Of Thought release tour and features a guitar solo, and a saxophone solo by Yaniv Nachum. This is my way to say ‘thank you’. I hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas.

Voids, Echoes and Whispers by marzioscholten