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Isolophilia (pre-order)

I’m very proud to present the title track of my upcoming album Isolophilia, featuring Wolfert Brederode on piano and Ernst Glerum on bass. Isolophilia – the album – will be released on November 25 (digital & CD)

Pre-order/watch/sneak peek/listen here:

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Coming Fall my new trio – with Ernst Glerum on bass and Wolfert Brederode on piano – will release an album called “Isolophilia”. It’s my first official album since “We Never Left Town” and I’m very excited to share this music with you. We will be touring as well! For dates check the flyer above or go to this page. We hope to see you soon!

Last winter we set up with GALIBIER in Kytopia in Utrecht to record a lengthy, improvised session, which resulted into this beautiful short film, directed by Anneroos Goosen.

Things I Can’t Control


New band, new music, new dates.