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Marzio Scholten and Randal Corsen – Duo concerts at Concertgebouw

On July 26st pianist Randal Corsen and I will give two duo concerts at the prestigious Concertgebouw in Amsterdam during the Robeco SummerNights. We will play an early concert at 19:30 and a late concert at 21:30. Tickets are € 20,- and are available here. Here’s a list of our concerts in July:

July 11, North Sea Round Town, Rotterdam (SOLD OUT)
July 26 (19:30), Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
July 26 (21:30), Concertgebouw, Amsterdam


IDENTIKIT – New Album Recorded

It’s been a while since the last news update, but this one will make up for that… Last week we recorded my new album with IDENTIKIT! We recorded ten tunes of which I think nine will end up on the album. We are aiming for a fall release. Stay tuned. You are going to want to hear this…


Marzio Scholten, Identikit

It is decided that from now on my new band (formerly known as Hologram) shall be named IDENTIKIT. This band has Lars Dietrich on alto, Jasper Blom on tenor, Sean Fasciani on bass, Kristijan Krajncan on drums and myself on guitar.

In June we will hit the studio to record our first album (my fourth overall) and we hope to release this album by the end of the year. Stay tuned.

IDENTIKIT on tour:

24/4, JIN @ LUX, Nijmegen
26/4, Regentenkamer, Den Haag
16/5, Provadja, Alkmaar
18/5, VPRO Tonejazz Festival, Den Bosch
16/6, Vittoria Jazz Festival, Vittoria, Italie
22/9, Pol’s Place For Jazz, Bergen Op Zoom
1/11, Paradox, Tilburg
8/11, Jazzpodium De Tor, Enschede
23/1, Platformtheater (SJIG), Groningen

Keep checking in for more news and more tour dates.