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The Stream by Opera Alaska post image

Very proud to announce the release of our debut album with Opera Alaska – my project with singer/songwriter Marien Dorleijn (Moss) – on Excelsior Recordings. Grateful for the wonderful reception. De Volkskrant is calling it “…one of the best rock albums that came out recently” and Oor magazine calling it “… a magnificent indie pop record.” Check it out yourself.

Opera Alaska signed to Excelsior Recordings post image

Very proud to announce that my indie band Opera Alaska got signed to legendary Dutch record label Excelsior Recordings. Our debut single “The Stream” is out now. Check it out here.


Isolophilia post image

Out now. Available on all major streaming services and in your local record store.

Isolophilia (pre-order)

I’m very proud to present the title track of my upcoming album Isolophilia, featuring Wolfert Brederode on piano and Ernst Glerum on bass. Isolophilia – the album – will be released on November 25 (digital & CD)

Pre-order/watch/sneak peek/listen here:

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